Rico's Back Yard Lounge
Rico's Back Yard Lounge

Friday Happy Hour Mixer: September 22, 2017 at 4 pm

Rico's at The Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak

Mix and mingle with old friends while enjoying happy hour in beautiful AZ!
Aunt Chilada's Garden Patio
Aunt Chilada's Garden Patio

Saturday Main Event: September 23, 2017  
7 pm - 2 am

Aunt Chilada's Garden Patio - 7330 N. Dreamy Draw 

Buffet style reception:
Mixed Green Salad with Assorted Dressings
Taco and Tostada Station
Spinach and Chicken Enchiladas
Refried Beans and Fideo
Sopapillas with Honey
Fresh flour and corn chips with salsa de oliva
*Cash bar

DJ - Playing our favorite music from the 80's and more!

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Rico's Happy Hour Mixer$ 12.00
Friday Event Only
When:09/22/2017 4 pm
Where:Rico's at The Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak
Number of Tickets:
Aunt Chilada's Main Event$ 52.00
Saturday Event Only
When:09/23/2017 7:00 pm
Where:7330 N. Dreamy Draw Drive
Number of Tickets:
Rico's and Aunt Chilada's $ 64.00
Includes both Friday and Saturday night
When:09/22/2017 4 pm
Number of Tickets:
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Guest Purchased Tickets
Traci Ehrhardt (Mead)
Tamarah Bullock (Fitzsimmons)
Tina Holz
Jennifer Kittoe
Kirk Lanctot
Robert Morris
Brian Coughlan
Dan Roether
Joey Pruitt (Roether)
Karen Cimato (Frisby)
Debi Reiley (Vandenboom)
Tammy Sitterud (Sitterud)
Billy Clarke
Tommi Clarke
Karen Meinhardt (Hunt)
Robert Hunt
Anne McQuaid
Peter McQuaid
Amy Sitver
Darin Starr
Frank Whitehead
Jenna Whitehead
Gina Benedict (Benedict)
Kathy Rhoads (Diaz)
Michael Diaz
Scott Penniston
Howard Hecht
Janine Janas (Durham)
David Dander
Erin Dander
Leo Prasnik
Trevor Townsend
Alexander Gareeb
Melanie Warren (Nemetz)
Steve Nemetz
Dan Pratt (Pratt)
Kim Maddox (Pratt)
Lisa Hodgson (Hodgson)
Kimberly Hines (Hines)
Charles McDonald
Brian Pieper
Brian Spartz
Dorothy Wojturski (Spartz)
Ray Suppe
Sarah Sparks (Suppe)
Kelly Boufford (West)
Steve West
Dawn Christensen (Alexander)
Steve Alexander
Kristie Quinn (Fassette)
Leslie Bowman (Wurster)
Christine Jones (Uhlenhop)
Susana Romo
Layla Sayegh (Saikley)
Kimberly Murray (Gillihan)
Matthew Gillihan
Josey VanPelt (Dickens)
Michael Dickens
Lezlie Cejka (Kennedy)
Joel Abbott
Tara Abbott
Robert Fisher
Susie Fisher
Elisabeth Hall (Hillyer)
Kat Renner (Leedom)
Jän Simon
Christine Vazquez (Zahn)
Lisa Hughes
Nate Thorne
Joey Woods
Lainie Bauer (Everts)
Doug Gangi
Mary Vowles (Hankins)
Karen Sergeant
Andrea Carlos (Oleno)
Duane Thomas
Holly Branch (Knief)
Theresa Gibson (Gibson)
Dana Petersen (Randolph)
Arnold Mondragon
Total 80